You can find here documents for download



Kronocard with a flatbed scanner

Here is a tutorial to explain the scanning technique with the Kronocard software and a flatbed scanner.



Your own .COM toward your store

You would like to have your own .COM name which directs people to your store on Kronozio? Well here’s a procedure to do it! It is easy it will take you 10 minutes.



QR Code

Here is our pack of QRCode. For more information on their use you can consult the video about it.

Letters separators

To separate your card sections in your boxes, you’ll need those letters. From experience for large quantity we advise you to go to Staples because it is also possible to ask them to cut sheet at very little cost.

eBay selling with Kronocard


Getting started with the connector

Here is our basic guide for the eBay connector. You will find all the needed informations to get started selling on eBay with Kronocard.



Shipping plates 12x18

This document contains images to print in 12×18 format. This shipping boards will serve you for sending your cards. You can have them printed cheaply at Costco or Walmart.

Box label for Brother QL-700

For the numbering of your boxes no problem to write directly on them. For those who want to have professional labels here is a file with the correct dimensions for Brother QL-700 printer on paper rolls DK-2205.

Size and Weight guide for Canada Post

Here is Canada Post size, weight and price information to send your cards